Classics Era Teams v6.0 For PTE Patch 2017 5.2 by Fast Eagle

Classics Era Teams 6.0 For [PES 17] PTE Patch 2017 5.2

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Only works with PTE PATCH Update 5.2
1) Apply “Offline Mode – Clasic” on PTE Patch Selector
2) Copy “EDIT00000000” file to pes 2017 save folder (but first backup the original one)
3) Copy “COACH0000000X” to pes 2017 save folder
4) Copy “Classics Era Teams.cpk” to pes 2017 download folder
5) Copy “lighting_by_yogi.cpk” to pes 2017 download folder (Optional)
5) Generate DpFileList.bin

CPK order:
01. dt80_100E_win.cpk
02. dt80_200E_win.cpk
03. dt80_300E_win.cpk
04. ptepatch.cpk
05. ptepatch_kit.cpk
06. ptepatch_fac.cpk
07. ptepatch_ace.cpk
08. ptepatch_sta.cpk
09. ptepatch_adb.cpk
10. ptepatch_pla.cpk
11. ptepatch_off.cpk
12. ptepatch_ref.cpk
13. ptepatch_sco.cpk
14. ptepatch_enh.cpk
15. ptepatch_cla.cpk
16. ptepatch_upd.cpk
17. ptepatch_upd_2.cpk
18. Classics Era Teams.cpk

If you have bug with Messi (2017) reset him to default
If you find some error, please report.
Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.
Don’t use any of our work without permission.

I’m not facemaker or kitmaker. I just collect them, so don’t ask to make new faces or kits.

Credits: ALLAH SWT, Ahmed Kralani, Konami, PTE patch, CriPackedFileMaker, DpFileList Generator v1.6, Facepack Classico Pes 2016 – By Cleiton Silva e Lucas Horst, Classic Facepack by Chiheb27, PES 2016 Classic Facepack by Sameh Momen, Classic Face Pack by Stels, European Classics by dosho2, PES Next-Gen Editor, Lagun, PES2010_EDIT1114, Iceeman, pesstatsdatabase, Pesmaster, Pesdb, PES 2017 – DpFileList Generator by Baris, [PC] Face Converter v1.4, International_facepack 3 by Andrey_Pol gonduras2012, PES2014 Oriol Romeu by AM, MarioMilan, HD3011, Yasin02, Wikipedia, Google, dartion pes world, marebatigol, Cholel Cesc, Jaya Nur Ihsan, CUP Team, rema5, Delac, IDK, dosho2, HD3011, Tunizizou, Fatih Kuyucak, So-Yul, CRI, extream87, Baris, Geo_Craig90, Mansyah, Devil Cold52, 4ccEditor, Swoosh1968, MuminekBambo, cabanaxboxedition, aconvert, MRI_20, nemanjabre & miloshvelich, buffon99, scotivan10, M.Gamal, armandrillo, aliheidari2520, dupptie20, Rtmundo, CarrascO1Live ,OuiY2K7, Yogi.
Sorry if I forgot any one.