FMods 17 Enhancements Overhaul v3.1

FMods 17 Enhancements Overhaul 3.1 by Fruits

– Contains all v3.0 changes

– Added 9 new stadiums [OPTIONAL]
– Gameplay [mine is disabled by default in you want to play it enable it and set game speed to 1]
– All stadiums thumbnails default like
– PS4 menu light
– New lines
– New pitch texture
– Includes 2k fabric mod from pantel
– Gameplay tweaks [OPTIONAL]
– Minor tweaks to stadium light settings
Stadium List For Overhaul v3.1:
Old Trafford,
Allianz Arena
Juventus Stadium,
Olympiastadion Berlin,
Stadion Narodowy
Stade de France
Ulker stadium
Turk Telekom Arena
Vodafone Arena​

All info you need is inside the rar, like installations for both methods, with and without FMODS_ULTRA_BETA
A BIG THANKS TO ALl PES17/EVOWEB members that have somehow made this possible​

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