PES 2017 Mega TattooPack vol. 2 AIO By Amir.Hsn7

PES 17 Mega Tattoo Pack vol. 2 AIO Version  By Amir.Hsn7

What new?

1) Seasonal feature switch to specific player
2) Improved models
3) More tattoos
4) using live cpk
How to install:
– you need Sider by juce and nesa24 for install tattoos (https://mapote.com/pes/sider-3.4.0.zip)
– extract sider and copy “content” to gamefolder(X:\Program Files (x64)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017)
-Edit “sider.ini”: add these strings :
cpk.root = “X:\Program Files (x64)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\lcpk-roots\Tattoo-Amir.Hsn7” (after line ; You can use absolute or relative paths for roots)
lua.module = “switchfacexml.lua” (after line ; Lua scripting support )
– Copy “modules” contant (switchfacexml.lua) to : sider folder\modules
– Copy “Tattoo-Amir.Hsn7” to : Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content\lcpk-roots
– Copy “face-xmls” to : Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\content
For appearing tattoos Download Tattoo appearance v1.1 – skin ID changer (EDIT00000000 version only) by zlac in below link and follow this tutorial
Tattoo appearance 2017 edit – v1.1:
How to use:
1. Enter the IDs of all the necessary players to file id_list.txt (All IDs included in list.txt) – one ID per line!. You can enter as many IDs as you want.
2. Copy your ENCRYPTED EDIT00000000 (exact name required) file to the same directory where tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe is
3. Double-click tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe (or start it manually from cmd line, without any parameters) – if there were any skin IDs to change, you’ll see it in the cmd-line window
4. Done – edited copy of your EDIT00000000 from step 2. is now available as EDIT00000000_encrypted.

Important remarks:
1. EDIT00000000 file MUST be encrypted – decrypted EDIT00000000 is not supported
2. This utility does not make in-place edits to your EDIT00000000 – an edited copy will be created in the same folder, under the name EDIT00000000_encrypted – rename it manually to EDIT00000000 and put it back in the save folder
3. File with IDs to patch (id_list.txt) must be saved with ANSI encoding, do not use UTF-8 or Unicode
4. Only one ID is allowed per line in id_list.txt
-Run sider.exe, it will open a small window, which you can minimize if you want, but do not close it.
-Run Game !
Credit: Tunizizou, Amir.Hsn7, Amir27, Hawke, Rob Kenshin, Wichanwoo, SieL23, Musso, Sho9_6 , Ahmaddark, AlirezaFree
COPYRIGHT INFO: This files is only for personal use!
use my works for create other tattoo Packs is totally prohibited !
For all modders, use my works for create other patch without permission is prohibited !
This is a free work for the users, is illegal try to gain money with this files !
Any modification without permission is illegal !

Copyright Amir.Hsn7 © 2014 – 2017
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