Sider 5.0.2 For PES 2019 by Juce

Sider v5.0.2 For Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 by Juce

– Lua scripting: support for context fields and events:
set_teams, set_conditions, set_stadium, set_match_time, trophy_rewrite
– Trophy “server”, which allows to have trophies in leagues and cups that do not have them in the game. This is done via “trophy_rewrite” event.
– Correct commentary is now preserved during trophy rewrites: only cut scenes before and after the match are changed/inserted.
– more example Lua modules: stadswitch.lua, timeaccel.lua, etrace.lua


Trophy rewrites should work in all offline modes: League, Cup, Master League.
(Showing trophy scenes in Exhibition mode is not supported yet.

Hopefully, next release will have that)

Try playing an English Super Cup: it gives a good demo of both trophy-rewrite (trophy.lua), and also stadium/weather switching (stadswitch.lua): enjoy a snowy winter night at Anfield! :) (The example is a bit contrived, as the super cups are typically played in late summer – like English Super Cup, a.k.a. Community Shield. And the game itself wouldn’t let you choose Winter. But with sider module, like stadswitch.lua, you can do that.)
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