PES 2017 Option file SMoKE V17.1.5 Update 22-11-2019

الصفحة الرئيسية

New OF Update 22.11 For PES 2017 SMoKE V17.1.5 by EsLaM

احدث اوبشن فايل بيس 2017 باتش SMoKE 17.1.5 بتاريخ 22-11-2019
1–EDIT00000000 compatible with AZ Stadiums
2–EDIT00000000 not compatible
3–Repair of Joao Felix number And G. Jesus
4–Celebrations of more than 35 players have been updated
5–Update game plans 10/11
6–Update new coachs 19-20
7–Add new pack balls 19-20 compatible EDIT00000000
8–Add new lighting
9–Update miniface all patch
10–Updated some of the capabilities of young players


Includes 2 OF versions, credits EsLaM.


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