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بيس 2021 PES اداة تعديل الاوبشن فايل وطاقات وبيانات اللاعبين والفرق

PES 2021 Player Data Option file Editor

نقدم لكم على موقعنا اداة تعديل الاوبشن فايل وطاقات وبيانات اللاعبين والفرق للعبة بيس 21 من صنع Devil Cold52.

مميزات اداة طاقات وبيانات اللاعبين والفرق لبيس 21

1.Player’s Edit - التعديل على اللاعبين:
– Name
– Abilities
– Positions (Playable & Registered)
– Motions
– Player Skills Card
– COM Playing Style
– Nationality
– Commentary
– Export
– Import
– Export All

2.Team Edit - التعديل على الفرق:
– Name
– Short Name
– Callname
– National
– Manager
– Stadium Settings
– Banner
– Rival Clubs
– Export
– Import
– Export All

requirements - المتطلبات:
– installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5 or at latest version)

how to use - طريقة الاستخدام:
1: Open the program then click File-Open OF button.
2. The program makes backup acctually, but for safety make a backup of your Option File before editing
3: Choose EDIT00000000 OR choose Decrypter File data.dat
4: After editing, do not forget to save it.
5. To save the program

BETA 1.0 known bugs - مشاكل الاصدار البيتا:
-Overall Degrees Not Calculated Correctly. Therefore,I use my own formula to calculate them.
-while listing Team Squad 1-2 seconds delay occurs.

Important Notes - ملاحظات مهمة
– Run as administrator
– For safety make a backup of your Option File before editing
– I have not been buying the game since pes 2018 because my system requirements are weak Help me develop the editor
– Apologize to all of me for not being able to test the Tool
– Sorry for my bad english

تحميل اداة تعديل الاوبشن فايل لبيس 21

رابط تحميل الاداة: اضغط هنا

Questions and Answers - اجابات بعض الاسئلة

Q.My antivirus or windows defender detected virus this in the program.

A.Tool is using JavaScript Obfuscator Tool to protect the code from being stolen. If your antivirus detect the file, it’s false detection. (Don’t downdon’t trust this file.load it if you)

Q.EDIT Files do Not Decrypted

A.Please let me know if you encounter such an error Or you can manually decrypter with crypter tool and open the data.dat file with the editor.

Author : Devil Cold52

Thanks to everyone who always supported the Pro Evolution Soccer community…

Option File Decrypter-Encrypter

Player Abilitiy decode
Kudret11,, Mustafa U.

Player position indicator
Fatih Kuyucak

Player & Team Callnames