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بيس 2021 احدث مود جيم بلاي جديد صعب!

PES 2021 New Gameplay Mod Holland

نقدم لكم تحميل احدث مود جيم بلاي جديد للعبة اي فوتبول بيس 2021، لتصحيح واصلاح طريقة الللعب.
GAMEPLAY MOD PES 2021 Version 1.04.01

مميزات مود جيم بلاي Holland لبيس 2021

New MOD gameplay that is structurally based on the first DCM, where I have reviewed some aspects and fixed some errors.

I mainly spoke on:
Difficulty of the game
Lost balls
Controlo ball
Passing and shooting errors

I also changed some addressess related to the “pre-established” result changes in the second half
I also made sure that the Master Legue read as if it were Championship mode, with
the hope that during the Master there will be no striking changes as it still happens today.
The DT18 has also been revised for the positions on the field.

It is a GP where the challenge is much higher than before and which results in lower results, you may have to
go down a level because the search for space is much more complex but certainly more satisfying.
It is not an immediate gameplay, on the contrary … it needs a reasoned construction to try to go to the net,
but the rewards are immense because your skills will make the difference.

To be sure that you read that change where “presumably” the game reads the championship mode instead of the master league you have to create a master from scratch … then we’ll see whether it will take effect or was it a hole in the water.

تحميل مود جيم بلاي Holland لبيس 2021

رابط تحميل مود الجيم بلاي حجمه 222.8 ميجا:

CREDITS: Holland