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PES 2021 BAL Career Editor

PES2021 BAL Career Editor v1.1

نقدم لكن برنامج زيادة طاقات وبيانات لاعبك في كن اسطورة في بيس 2021 باخر تحديث 25 مايو
Hello everyone, Devil Cold52 made a new program PES2021 BAL Career Editor for you.
With this program, you can edit the data of the player you have created in your Become A Legend career.
The program is currently beta version. Will be finalized with updates in the future.

PES 2021 BAL Career Editor

بيس 2021 برنامج تعديل كن اسطورة

يمكنك من خلال برنامج تعديل اللاعبين في كن اسطورة على زيادة طاقات لاعبك وتغير اسم اللاعب ومهاراته وستايل اللعب ومركز لعبه وحالته وطوله ووزنه.

PES2021 BAL Career Editor 1.1 New Features

  • Player ID (no face added in test)
  • Commenatary
  • Weak Foot Usage
  • Weak Foot Accuracy
  • Stronger Foot
  • Playable Positions
  • Player Skills
  • COM Playing Styles
  • Position indicator
  • Tool settings
  • Reload file
  • Nationality
  • Set Maximum & Minimum values
  • Set maximum Player Position

PES2021 BAL Career Editor 1.1 Fix Notes

-Minimum and maximum value problem is fixed.
-Decrypter And Encrypter problem is fixed.
-Fixed Typo
-Decrypter21.exe And Encrypter21.exe is fixed

Program Properties:

  • Player name
  • Player skills
  • Game style
  • Registered position
  • Condition
  • Weight and height

Important notes:

1. Always make a backup of your file.
2. I use the obfuscator tool to protect the program code against thief, so your virus programs detect false positives with this problem ..
3. Run the program as an administrator.

Supported platforms and game:

1. PC only
2. EFootball PES 2021 Season Update
- installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

How to use PES 2021 BAL Career Editor:

1. open bal file [BLxxxxxxxx] from "KONAMI-eFootball PES 2021 SEASON" UPDATE-yourID-save
2. make the edit you want
3. press apply changes button
4. press save button and done

Download BAL Career Editor

Last update: 25.may.2021
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Author: By Devil Cold52
Thank you: Zlac (Decrypter21 & Encrypter21)