PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod by Alex

بيس 2021 مود جيم بلاي ثوري

نقدم لكم الاصدار الرابع من مود جيم بلاي جديد للعبة اي فوتبول بيس 2021، ليحدث ويغير فيزيائية وميكانيكية اللعبة، من صنع Alex.

PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod v4 by Alex

PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod v4 by Alex

Gameplay Mod v4 Changelog:

Improvements and adjustments to earlier versions of gameplay.
  • Smoothness.
  • Response.
  • The reaction of the players.
  • Ball physics.
  • Actions of AI.

Gameplay Mod v3 Changelog:

  • Changes have been made to the capture and pass system, the AI is losing more duels and making more mistakes.
  • More non-standard moments and attack improvements.
  • Less long distance casting from AI.
  • And other minor changes to improve the gameplay.

Gameplay Mod v2 Changelog:

  • V2. Improved ball physics
  • Increased frequency of random events and errors AI.
  • Improved the game of goalkeepers.
PES 2021 Revolutionary Gameplay Mod v2 by Alex

Gameplay Mod v1 Changelog:

  • V1. Gameplay mod that changes the mechanics and physics of the game;
  • Improved control and control system on the field (gameplay similar to PES13);
  • More human and varied AI.

Not compatible with other dt18_all gameplay mods. (Use original file only)!

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