eFootball 2022 Players Data Editor Tool

اي فوتبول 2022 اداة التعديل على اللاعبين

نقدم لكم اليوم اداة التعديل على جميع بيانات لاعبين لعبة اي فوتبول 2022، مثل الاسماء والطاقات والمهارات وقدرات اللاعب والمزيد

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor v3.1 Released!

Hello guys
here it's eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor for player.bin
if you get an error, report here

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor Features

  • General Edits: Age, Height, Weight Nationality etc..
  • Abilities
  • Player Skills
  • AI Playing Styles
  • Playable Position
  • Registered Position

New eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor v1.1 Features

  • Export All Players to xls Workbook with Ability
  • Export All Players to csv only ability and general edits(with general used)
  • Export Player Block From PES22
  • Export Player Block (csv)
  • Export Player Block (Workbook)
  • Import Player Block From PES22
  • Import Player Block From PES21
  • Dribbling Arm Movement Motion
  • Running Arm Movement Motion
  • Import Player Block (csv)
  • When the Player Name is Changed, the name in the Player list will change

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor v1.1 Fix Notes:

  • Goal Celebration: save problem fixed it
  • Flip Flap: Read&Write Fixed it
  • Early Cross: Read&Write Fixed it
  • General: some bugs fixed

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor 3.1 New Features

  • Motion: Penalty Kick
  • Motion: Dribbling Hunching
  • Motion: Running Hunching
  • Motion: Corner Kick
  • Motion: Dribbling

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor V3.1 Fix Notes:

  • NeckLineType: Read/Write Fix it.
  • UpperEyelidType: Read/Write Fix it.
  • BottomEyelidType: Read/Write Fix it.
  • HairParted:Read/Write Fix it.
  • Fix Csv Import/Export
  • Forehead: Read/Write Fix it.

1: Always backup your file.
2: Tool is using Obfuscator Tool to protect the code. If your antivirus detect the file, it's false detection.

Download Players Data Editor Tool for eFootball 2022

رابط تحميل اداة التعديل على اللاعبين لعبة اي فوتبول 2022
Link: file-upload

Credits: Devil Cold52
Big Thanks : @vadim_95 for Player.bin Decoding