eFootball 2022 Improve Performance and Better Graphics

Today will show you Improved Performance and Better Graphics v1.1 For eFootball 2022 by Bogo36
This Patch aims to have a good Performance and have nice Graphics.
Bogo36 Tweaked down some things to find a sweet Spot in Performance and Graphics.
This patch enables a performance increase up to 10% (Depends on the Scene and on your System).

eFootball 2022 Improve Performance and Better Graphics

eFootball 2022 IPBG by Bogo36

Things you will find in this Patch:

  • Removed Chromatic Aberration
  • Removed Film Grain
  • Removed Vignette
  • Removed GrainJitter
  • Removed Film Shadow Tint

Removed the Oversharpened Anti-Aliasing. This gets rid of the Sandpaper Turf and removes alot of the Anti-Aliasing jittering (not all).

Depth of Field
Tweaked the Depth of Field down. There is almost no difference, but it gains extra Performance.
Comparison: https://imgsli.com/ODE1NDY

Tweaked down the Shadows to get a good Performance Bump. They still look good.
Comparison: https://imgsli.com/ODE1NDc

Other Things:
  • Added Anistropic Filtering x16 to the Textures
  • Removed Motion Blur completely
  • Removed Bloom completely
  • Automatically sets the native Fullscreen Resolution, no more need of changing the DPI Settings of the exe File

Important Notes:
With this File the “LOD” Unlocker of digitalfoxx works now. But be aware that Downsampling will look very good, but costs alot of Performace. Go in small Steps upwards.

If you still want some more FPS than use his Tool also to get rid of the Crowd. You can also Disable Depth of Field in the Ingame Options for a better Performance.

If you want to get rid of the Texture Pop-Ins in the Cutscenes you can Download a second Version of this Patch. You wont have any Pop-Ins anymore, but the Game will take longer to load betweens Cutscenes where big Textures are required. Its up to you.
Comparison: https://imgsli.com/ODE1NDg

eFootball 2022 IPBG Patch Install Tutorial

1. Go to  (Steam-steamapps-common-eFootball-pak) and make a backup of your "pc0000_console_win.pak" File.
2. Download the IPBG Patch and replace the File with the Original one.
3. Go into ingame Settings and set every Graphic Setting to the highest.
4. Have Fun!

eFootball 2022 IPBG 1.1 Update

Tweaked Texture Streaming (Thanks to Endo). No more need for an optional Texture Download. Texture Streaming is much better now.
Tweaked Shadows again. They now look way better without too much Performance impact.
Comparison: https://imgsli.com/ODI1ODg/0/1

Download IPBG Patch v1.1 for eFootball 2022

IPBG 1.1 Update for v0.9.1 of the game:
Link: mediafire
If you dont use your native Resolution or have trouble because of Resolution Scaling with this Patch use this one:
Link: mediafire
Size: 58mb

Credits: Bogo36
Thanks to endo, without him this Patch would not exist!