PES 2021 Scoreboard Liga Portugal 2021-22

This is this season’s 2021-2022 Liga Portugal bwin scoreboard as realistic as possible by santorfo for eFootball PES 2021, included logos in the style shown for every Liga Portugal team except the newly promoted sides (Arouca, Estoril and Vizela), also included a replay wipe you can see in the preview spoiler below.

PES 2021 Scoreboard Liga Portugal bwin 2021-22

PES 2021 Scoreboard Liga Portugal bwin 2022 Version 2 released with some quick fixes:
  • The highlights texture now has a dark background on the team logo like we intended
  • Included cut-out logos for every team except the newly promoted sides (Arouca, Vizela and Estoril)
  • Changed the cutscene substitution background texture to something simpler

بيس 2021 سكوربورد الدوري البرتغالي 2022

نقدم لكم لوحة نتائج مباريات الدوري البرتغالي الممتاز موسم 2021-2022 للعبة اي فوتبول بيس 2021، بصنوع بشكل واقعي قدر الامكان.

Download Liga Scoreboard Portugal 2021-22 for PES 2021

رابط تحميل سكوربورد الدوري البرتغالي 2022 لبيس 2021
Links: mediafire
size: 724 mb

credits: santorfo
A MASSIVE thank you to spursfan18 for the incredible help and patience, could not have done any of this without him, super helpful and understanding.
Another huge thanks to my good friend Henras (Instagram link) for help with the logos, the textures, my sanity, etc.
And obviously the usuals,
juce and zlac for sider
shawminator for CGPE (even though it drives me crazy sometimes)
eskpist for the HexX tool
and to whoever did the CPK packing tool.