eFootball 2022 Mod Gameplay BROMI

The New Version 4 of the BROMI gameplay mod for eFootball PES 2022 released 21.01.2022
الاصدار الرابع من مود الجيم بلاي للعبة اي فوتبول بيس 2022، يحسن من مدى صعوبة اداء الحاسب في المستوايات العالية ويجع الفرص متكافئة، تحسين الالتحمات الجسدية والصراعات الهوائية والدفاع والتمريرات والعرضيات والمزيد

eFootball 2022 Mod Gameplay BROMI

اي فوتبول 2022 مود جيم بلاي

BROMI Gameplay For eFootball PES 2022 Features:

  • Making cpu less perfect and more human when defending playing at higher levels
  • Less frustrating cpu when battling. Now you can win ball 50/50. Referee will still be unfair, but at least will call some fouls to the cpu too (I got 3 penalties) and also we’ll let go some of your tackles
  • More physicality: now morebattle for theball, more pushes, more falling
  • Defending improved: I mean konami new defending is ok playing vs cpu low levels, because you don’t always win the ball, but when playing at top player or superstar is unplayaple. Undefendable.So I balanced defence to be halfway between old and new konami system
  • I tweaked manual passing and through passing
  • Shot Gauge slown down because shooting was not fun and not manageable
  • I must have messed up with long free kikcs because the gauge is crazy fast. Sorry that is a bug who needs fixing
  • Improved aerial battles
  • Slightly tweaked crosses
  • Harder to trap the ball. Also for cpu.
  • changed the way cpu defends and presses. Now it should defend better the sidelines and let you play a little more in the middle. No more attacking only on the sides
  • more chances but also more build up
  • headers improved
  • more chances from your crosses
V5O include:
  • faster and more precise switching cursor
  • cpu should cover better spaces
  • less red and blue cpu status
  • more cpu passing mistakes
  • – shooting power bar slower and more precise (keep pushing… ball won’t go to the stars…). Also more time to shoot
  • slightly more fluid ball rotation

Mod Tutorial - شرح التركيب

1st backup your dt270 file in
SteamLibrary-steamapps-common-eFootball-cpk folder
unpack the archive file and replace your dt270 with the new one and play

اولا اعمل نسخة احتياطية من ملف dt270 الموجود في مجلد cpk داخل مجلد لعبة اي فوتبول
استخرج الملفات من الارشيف واستبدل الملف القديم بالملف الجديد

Download - التحميل

رابط تنزيل مود بحجم 1.7 ميجا مرفوع على موقع ميديافاير
File size: 1.7MB Links:
#21.01.2022 V4F: mediafire
password: bromiv4f
#24.01.22 V4X: mediafire
password: bromiv4x
#25-01-2022 It reminds me of PES 2015
V5B: mediafire
password: bromiv5b
#02-02-2022 V5O some refinements
Link: mediafire
password: bromiv5opes