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PES 2021 Stadiums Fog Mod

Here the eFootball PES 2021 Fog Addon For Any Stadium by Twiggym, this mod adds a lot of depth in the scene and integrates everything.
This First version was designed for EPL (though you can use it anywhere ofc), as it uses real longitude and latitude values and appropriate months and hours for the matches.

PES 2021 Stadiums Fog Mod

  • Fog addon which adds fog of different densities and colors for all weather types (summer/winter day/night fine/rainy/snowy).
  • Very dense fog on the winter rainy/snowy
  • Lighter fog on the summer rainy weathers
  • Haze-like fog for the winter fine day condition

– This addon works well (and fast) with ‘009’ stadiums. You can use it for ANY stadium ID’s, but you’ll need to do some manual renaming for those cases (details below).
– Also, if your stadium already has some lighting, this will be overridden with my lighting setup (sorry, that’s how the AddOn system works, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to change this to something less destructive in the future). So you’ll need to decide whether you want to keep the nice lighting you have (from Ultimate Atmosphere for example), or go with this lighting setup + fog. Keep in mind that some other mods already have some cool fog added in some stadiums, so compare and make a choice!
– I don’t claim any credit for the lighting inside the add-on, that comes almost exclusively from the Stamford Bridge stadium I used to reverse-engineer (so thanks a million to whoever created it in the first place!). What I did was to alter the fog values, and create a different setup for all the weather types.

How to install Stadiums Fog Mod?

For any stadiums with 009 ID:
– Go to your stadium folder and copy the ‘fog’ folder you extracted into the ‘AddOn’ sub-folder.
– If there’s no ‘AddOn’ folder in your Stadium, create it (case sensitive)
– Edit the ‘addon_config.ini’ file using Notepad. Add a line with the ‘xxxxnumber = fog’ inside the file (case sensitive) as shown below. You can use any number you want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your other addons.
– If the file doesn’t exist, create it (check correct name), and add ‘1 = fog’ inside it and save.

How to install Stadiums Fog Mod

For stadiums with ID different than 009:
– Find out the stadium ID (from the map_teams.txt in your stadium server)
– Rename all the 009 folders with your correct stadium ID. There should be 5 folders to be renamed (1 global and 4 sub-folders – one for each weather)
– Rename all the files which contain 009 in their name, with the correct stadium ID. There should be 16 files in total to be renamed (4 for each weather)
Example for Summer_Day below (repeat this 3 more times for the other weathers).

How to install Stadiums Fog Mod

Download Fog Addon for PES 2021

Link: sharemods
Size: (3.7 MB)