eFootball 2024 v3.5.0 Mod High Graphics Addon

Do you have High end PC? If it's strong enough, here a mod that allow you access the greatest graphics for standard Game Camera, Replays and Cutscenes. with this new exe. You will obtain the best-looking setup and FPS Unlocked too.

eFootball 2022 v1.1.1 Mod High Graphics Addon

(Picture is from Version 1.1.1)

  • Improved Shadows
  • Removed Bloom completely
  • Removed Chromatic Aberration
  • Removed Film Grain
  • Removed Film Shadow Tint
  • Removed GrainJitter
  • Removed Motion Blur completely
  • Removed Vignette

IMPORTANT: If you are pkaying the efootball 2024 on a low-end PC, do not use this High Graphics Addon, you need a powerful PC to use this MOD.

How to Install - شرح التركيب

1st, make a backup copy of your "pc0000_console_win.pak"
 اولا اصنع نسخه احتياطية من الملف 
Located in - تجده في المسار
Then extract the files and replace it with the Original one 
ثانيا استخرج الملفات واستبدلها بالاصلية 
Go into ingame Settings, select Custom Settings, and set every Graphic Setting to the highest 
.ثالثا اذهب الى اعدادات اللعبة حدد الإعدادات المخصصة، واضبط كل إعداد رسومي على الأعلى

Download - التحميل

High Graphics Unlocker
Link: HGUv3.5
High Graphics Addon
If your PC is powerful enough, here you got a little extra to get better Graphics.
Link: HGAv3.5
Ultra Graphics Addon
If you want the best possible Graphical Settings in this Game this is the way to go. Everything fully maxed out. Say goodbye to your FPS! also has FPS Unlocked.
Link: UHGAv3.5

Credits: Bogo36