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eFootball 2022 v1.1.1 Mod High Graphics Addon

Do you have High end PC? If it's strong enough, here a mod that allow you access the greatest graphics for standard Game Camera, Replays and Cutscenes. with this new exe. You will obtain the best-looking setup and FPS Unlocked too.

eFootball 2022 v1.1.1 Mod High Graphics Addon

(Picture is from Version 1.1.1)

IMPORTANT: If you are pkaying the efootball 2022 on a low-end PC, do not use this High Graphics Addon, you need a powerful PC to use this MOD.

How to Install - شرح التركيب
1st, make a backup copy of your "eFootball.exe" اولا اصنع نسخه احتياطية من الملف 
Located in - تجده في المسار
Then unpack and copy the file e Football.exe ثانيا فك ضغط الارشيف وانسخ الملف 
to the following location الى المسار التالي

Download - التحميل

New! Update High Graphics Addon Mod for eFootball 2022 Game version 1.1.1
Link: Mediafire
File size: 254.09MB

Credits: Bogo36