PES 2017 Option File For PTE 5.2 #05-05-2017 By Sofyan Andri

PES 2017 OF For PTE Patch 5.2 #05-05-2017 By Sofyan Andri

Features :
– Fix Transfer
– Fix Some Teams
– Fix Rival Club
– Fix Ball League
– Fix Home Ground
– Update Formation
– Update Other European Teams
 How To Install :
1). Open “save” from folder and Copy “EDIT00000000” to
C:\Users\….\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save
2). Open “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017” Enjoy The Game.
Compatible :
– DLC 3.0
– Tattoo Pack 350 By Sofyan Andri
– Stadium Repack Collection 41 By Donny Avia
Note : This Normal Mode EDIT00000000 Not Classic Mode Some My Version
Credit :
– Sofyan Andri

Special Thanks :
– PTE Patch
– Donny Avia

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