PES 2018 Mod Manager by MES Modder

PES 2018 Mod Manager BETA by MES Modder


– Automatically generate DpFileList.bin (creates a backup if one already exists);
– Create and save your own DpFileList.bin configurations;
– Load the created configurations and edit them;
– Load a configuration directly in PES 2018;
– CPKs are installed in DpFileList.bin in the same order as they are selected, however the user can set the priority of CPKs as they want;
– Add CPKs to the existing DpFileList.bin;
– Choose the icons of the mods according to their types (available: balls, cleats, faces, fonts, kits, menus, network textures, scoreboards, stadiums, start screens and turf textures);
– Indicates information about the number of mods selected and their total size;
– Drag & Drop function enabled;
– Double click on the program header changes the theme.
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