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بيس 2021 PES باك احذية Hoppus 117 كامل v5

Hoppus 117 PES 2021 Boots Pack 5.0.1 AIO

تحميل احدث باك احذية كامل Hoppus 117 للعبة إي فوتبول بيس 2021 سيزون أبديت الاصدار الخامل ولن تحتاج الى الاصدارات السابقة.

مميزات الاصدار الخامس من باك الاحذية لبيس 21

Log V 5.0.1
Online game support fixed
Minor fixes added
This Version include:
100 Boots
30 Gloves
225 Hidden boots (105 assigned to respective player)
New pack imported:
Added New Adidas Superlative Pack
Added New Mercurial DragonFly Next Gen (From Fifa converted)
Added New Nike Spectrum Pack (Mercurial Silos From Fifa Converted)
Added New Puma Game On Pack From DLC 4
Added New Mizuno Cyber Pack
Added New Mizuno Initiator Red pack
Added Lotto Solista 100 New Pack From DLC 4
Added New Gloves Pack with new colorway pack from must famous brand

Boots&Gloves Assignments Lastest Update 20-02-2021 by gabriele-150115 :
Serie A 99%
Bundesliga EWP 99%
English League 99%
La Liga 99%
Ligue 1 99%
Liga NOS 33%
Eredivise 66,5%
Ladbrokes Premiership (Scottish League) 33%
Jupiler Pro Ligue 28%
Spor Toto Super Lig (Turkey) 14%
Serie B 30%
EFL (Championship) 17%
National Team EWP 90%

Other Team in other league (Imported assignments from DLC 4.0)

شرح تركيب باك الاحذية

1. احذف جميع الاصدارات السابقة "bootspack" و "boot-root"
2. استخرج فولدر "boot-root" من الارشيف
3. انسخ فولدر "boot-root" الى فولدر sider-7.0.1 او +livecpk
4. افتح ملف sider.ini بالnotepad وانسخ واكتب هذا السطر
cpk.root = ".livecpkboot-root"
ولصقه ومهم ان تتأكد من تفعيل live cpk في sider.ini
5. احفظ الملف وشغل Sider.exe والعب PES 2021.

تحميل باك احذية Hoppus 117 v5 لبيس 2021

رابط التحميل الباك مرفوع على الميديا فاير: mediafire

Hoppus117 Boots Maker
Tisera09 Boots&Gloves
Topik KB
Devil Cold52
*All credits are reserved, it is forbidden to reload the mod on other hosters or create a cpk version, the various sites “pesnewupdate” “pespatch” or youtuber “Gaming WitH TR” and others will have to follow the rules , only mega/mediafire original links and sider version!

From now on, any user who wants to use boots from my bootspack must first request consent, if it does not happen it will be reported to the EvoWeb staff.*

All EvoWeb Patch staff
All the community (Admin, Moderator and user) from EvoWeb Forum for your support

I hope you enjoy all my work, waiting for more edits, have fun !!! Bye Kids.