eFootball 2022 High Graphics Unlocked Patch [Game v1.1.1]

Today I will show you New Patch by Bogo36 to Unlock eFootball 2022 High Graphics.
This Patch will enable full Anti-Aliasing Quality during the normal ingame Camera.

eFootball 2022 High Graphics Unlocked Patch

eFootball 2022 Update v1.1.1 High Graphics Unlocked Patch

Features in This Patch:
  • Removed Chromatic Aberration
  • Removed Film Grain
  • Removed Vignette
  • Removed GrainJitter
  • Removed Film Shadow Tint
  • Removed Motion Blur completely
  • Removed Bloom completely

With this Patch Anti-Aliasing wont be a problem anymore. Every Advantage of the IPBG Patch is in this Patch. This Patch will have an impact to your Performance, but only in the normal Game Camera. If you got a decent GPU it wont be a Problem.

This is how the Game should have looked like from the beginning. This is what we all expected. With this Patch you get the best looking Football Game on this Planet. Dont believe me? Try it!
Comparison: https://imgsli.com/MTA1ODYx
(Picture is from Version 1.1.1)
Select Fullscreen in the bottom right corner to see the whole difference.

The eFootball.exe in this Patch has high Anti-Aliasing and FPS Unlocked.
PS: If you like this Patch but need more FPS, go to the ingame Settings and set the Resolution Scale to 90 or 80.

Unlock eFootball 2022 High Graphics Instructions

1. Make a Backup of your “pc0000_console_win.pak” File in (Steam-steamapps-common-eFootball-pak) folder.
2. Backup your eFootball.exe File (Steam-steamapps-common-eFootball-eFootball-Binaries-Win64)
3. In game Settings, select Custom Settings and set every Graphic Setting to the highest (except for the Resolution Scaling, set it to 100) and close the Game. (Skip this Step if you already have the highest Settings selected.).
4. Download the High Graphics Patch and extract the two Folders in the Game Installation Folder. Overwrite the 2 Files.
4. Have Fun!

Download High Graphics Patch for eFootball 2022

New! High Graphics Unlocked Patch Update for eFootball 2022 Game versison 1.1.1
Link: mediafire
High Graphics Unlocked Patch for eFootball 2022 v0.9.1:
Link: mediafire
If you dont use your native Resolution or have trouble because of Resolution Scaling with this Patch use this one:
Link: mediafire
Size: 307mb

Credits: Bogo36
Thanks to endo, without him this Patch would not exist!
If you encounter Bugs or have any suggestions than let me know!
Known Problem: Because of the activated TAA during the Match there are some Problems with Ghosting. I will try to fix it.