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ثيم وجرافيك 2022 لباتش سموك لجميع اصدارات بيس 2021 و2019 و2017

نقدم لكم اضافة جديد لباتشات سموك الاصدار الرابع لجميع اصدارات لعبة بيس 2021 و2020 و2019 و2018 و2017، تقوم بتغيير المؤثرات السمعية والبصرية للباتش، وتحديث واستبدال الجرافيك والاصوات.
متوافق مع باتشات سموك فقط.

PES 2021-2017 Smoke Patches New Theme and Graphics 2022

New Smoke Patches Trapped Theme 2022 for PES 2021, 2019 and 2017

Here The New Theme and Graphics 2022 For eFootball PES 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017 Smoke Patch v4, it will change the audiovisuals of the patch, replacing the graphics and audio, this addon uses the following CPK files:
  • SMK_Addtheme.cpk (contains graphics)
  • SMK_Addmusic.cpk (contains sound effects)
users can backup these two files to recover the previous theme.

Smokepatch Themes
compatible with all smokepatch versions
Released: (27.Feb.2022)

How to instal PES Smoke Patch Theme?
  1. download and extract the theme installer
  2. run the installer as admin, select option then select the game directory
* to remove and restore game default, use SP switcher (available with smokepatch, located in the download folder of the game)

- after installing the theme, go inside game options/tracks, there might be tracks that are not selected by default. users can select or unselect from the game options.
- reinstalling the patch will reset and restore the default values of smokepatch
- the theme will replace any installed start screens.

Download - التحميل

روابط تنزيل ثيم سموك باتش الجديد مروفع على موقع ميديافاير
Trapped Download Links
SmokePatch21 (PES21):
SmokePatch20 (PES20):
SmokePatch19 (PES19):
SmokePatch18 (PES18):
SmokePatch17 (PES17):

credits: PES Smoke Team