eFootball EvoMod 2024 Update v3.6.4 AIO

Here is the EvoMod 2024 Update Patch for eFootball v3.6.2, add Licensed Kits, emblems and logos. Compatible With playing online.

اي فوتبول باتش EvoMod 2024

 eFootball 2024 Patch EvoMod Update v3.6.4 features:
  • Fully compatibility with the latest Konami's update 3.6.2
  • Full new season 23-24 set of kits for English Premiere League, La Liga, Serie A and Inter Miami CF.
  • Added full-view kit's preview for in-game kit's selector.
  • All collars, names, fonts and numbers are fully configurated.
  • Custom metalic and normal maps have been created for all the added kits.
  • Added custom referee kit set Kelme (beta)
  • Licensed kits have also been added for national teams of South Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Australlia, Lebanon, Oman and UAE.
  • Custom set of turfs for all stadiums.
  • New pitch texture for better pitch detailing.
  • And some another small changes.
  • Update for some emblems and logos.
  • Offside line recoloured from default blue to custom red.
  • Licensed kit and team logo has been added for S.E. Palmeiras.
  • New referee kit set. Available five diffirent colored kits. Credits to @Hawke
  • Added new turf pack for all stadium's (eFootball Stadium inclusive).
  • Generic adboards has been changed for all in-game modes (offline and online).
  • (Temporary set of adboards, will be changed to better quality content in futher updates.)
  • Generic stadium's booards has been changed for some stadiums. Credits to @Buzzy
  • Detroit City FC Licensed kits has been restored.
  • Update The Kits of Indonesia NT, Ukraine NT, Leeds United, Flamengo, Palmeiras and Manchester City.
  • Added new licenses for National Teams of Switzerland, Bolivia, Romania, Equador, Hungary, Georgia, Slovakia and also Club Alianza Lima.
  • Many fixes related to the fonts and numbers placements for some previously added sets.
  • Some updates for logos, static adboards and also another minor fixes and optimizations.
  • Add New licenses for national teams of Albania, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Scotland, Panama, Costa Rica and Jamaica.
  • Restored Licenses of Roma and Napoli.
  • Updated kits and configs for Aston Villa, Uruguay, Czech Republic away, Real Sociedad and Flamengo.
  • National federations logos has been actualized and updated.
  • Some fix for Puma kit's numbers position and another small fixes.

  • New licenses for national teams of Honduras and Canada has been added.
  • License of Monza has been restored.
  • Also has been updated kits textures and configs for Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid,
  • Japan (Y-3 Full Set), Austria (Home), Serbia (Home).
  • New logo for Athletico Madrid has been added.
  • Licensed logos for Argentine Primera Division has been added.
  • Some small updates for stadium's boards and another minor fixes.

evomod 2024 update 4 preview

evomod 2024 update 4 preview

evomod 2024 update 4 preview

How to install:

Steam version:
1. Download both parts of archive.
2. Unpack and paste with replacing in to your game folder.
3. If you want to use default game fonts, just restore the original pc0000_console_win.pak.
(Make a backup for replaced files)
Microsoft store:
Unpack the archive, rename six files like here:
pc0101_console_win.pak >>>>>> pc0101_console_wgd.pak
pc0101_console_win.ucas >>>>>> pc0101_console_wgd.ucas
pc0101_console_win.utoc >>>>>> pc0101_console_wgd.utoc
pc0010_console_win.pak >>>>>> pc0010_console_wgd.pak
pc0010_console_win.ucas >>>>>> pc0010_console_wgd.ucas
pc0010_console_win.utoc >>>>>> pc0010_console_wgd.utoc
pc3000_console_win.pak >>>>>> pc3000_console_wgd.pak
pc3000_console_win.ucas >>>>>> pc3000_console_wgd.ucas
pc3000_console_win.utoc >>>>>> pc3000_console_wgd.utoc
pc7000_console_win.pak >>>>>> pc7000_console_wgd.pak
pc7000_console_win.ucas >>>>>> pc7000_console_wgd.ucas
pc7000_console_win.utoc >>>>>> pc7000_console_wgd.utoc
Copy with replacement into eFootball/pak folder.
(Make a backup for replaced files)

Mod is not compatible with another such mod.

Download EvoMod 2024 3.6.4 AIO

رابط تحميل باتش EvoMod 2024 للعبة اي فوتبول 2.v3.6 كامل لن تحتاج الى اي اصدارات سابقة
EVOMOD v3.6.4
Link: PART1
PASSWORD: efootball2024evoweb
ALL IN ONE! No needed to install a previous version

lennyhard and endo
meowning_123, Hawke, NFS_FM, Cadi Lillian, adelonicKitCreator,
NonoKitmaker, HLX Kits, JPKits and other great kitmakers.